21 Days of Prayer

Need Prayer? Get in touch with us. God Answers Prayer!

We are so excited for the next 21 days!

We collectively, as a church, we seek God first in prayer. We intentionally focus together during the 21 Days of Prayer, to faithfully seek God first, as we focus on trusting in Him, to create a lasting impact on us and our church, and our world. Through a focused practice, we can see the power of prayer impact our relationships, work, family, church, and the world around us. We invite you to join us for the 21 Day of Prayer.

Fasting is a spiritual tool that we use to help us eliminate distractions so that we can focus more fully on God. Fasting can help us get deeper into our spiritual connection with God, as we rely on God for our sustenance. A time of fasting works hand-in-hand with our focused time of prayer, which is why we pair it with our 21 Days of Prayer. Remember, you know your body and your health. We can help you with alternative ideas to help you with eliminating the distractions if a strict fast is not a healthful choice for you.